King Conan

The Phoenix on the Sword #2

Conspirators move in the shadows as King Conan's troops move to quell a Pictish uprising, leaving the newly crowned king exposed to the machinations of four influential traitors who seek to wrest the crown from Conan's lifeless brow! But something even deadlier moves silently in the night, answering the call of the ancient serpent god Set. A faithful servant of darkness, the wizard Thoth-Amon toils in Aquilonia and prays for a rebirth of power that will unleash untold evils!

• Adaptation of the classic Robert E. Howard story by Tim Truman and Tomás Giorello!

• Stunning fantasy covers by Starman cover artist Andrew Robinson!

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Tim Truman
Tomás Giorello
José Villarrubia
Cover Artist:
Andrew Robinson
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Classic, Crime, Fantasy
Release date:
Feb. 29, 2012

King Conan

The Phoenix on the Sword #3