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Frank Miller's Sin City

Sin City Volume 1

Ages 16+
207 pages
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The first volume of the crime-comic megahit that introduced the now-infamous Marv and spawned a blockbuster film hits the Dark Horse digital store, featuring the brand-new cover art Frank Miller created for the latest edition of the book!

It's a lousy room in a lousy part of a lousy town. But Marv doesn't care. There's an angel in the room. She says her name is Goldie. A few hours later, Goldie's dead without a mark on her perfect body, and the cops are coming before anyone but Marv could know she's been killed. Somebody paid good money for this frame…

• Over a million Sin City books in print!

• New cover by Frank Miller!

The Hard Goodbye was the lead story in the Sin City film, starring Mickey Rourke as Marv!


Frank Miller
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Classic, Crime, Graphic Literature, Noir
Release date:
June 08, 2011

Frank Miller's Sin City

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