Conan Omnibus Volume 6:

Savagery and Sorrow

Brian Wood's acclaimed adaptation of “Queen of the Black Coast” reaches its heartbreaking conclusion. Having found his true love and spiritual equal, Conan faces the one foe no warrior can defeat. But there will be little time to grieve, for death takes no holiday, and evil never dies! Collects Conan Vol. 15: The Nightmare of the Shallows (Conan the Barbarian #13–#18); Conan Vol. 16: The Song of Belit (Conan the Barbarian #19–#25); Conan Vol. 17: Shadows Over Kush (Conan the Avenger #1–#6).

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Release date: Sept. 19, 2018
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Series: Conan
Pages: 440
Ages: 14+