Border Lines/45 Sec/Elder Gods/Once in a lifetime

Four stark tales of fear and mayhem. A Colonial Marine requests a transfer from a war zone to a far-flung planet with an entirely different sort of adversary. Be careful what you wish for! "Border Lines" teams writer Darko Macan (Grendel Tales, Star Wars, Soldier X) with comics superstar Tommy Lee Edwards (Daredevil, Star Wars, 1985). In "Once in a Lifetime," a Weyland-Yutani biologist studying Aliens in an environment without humans discovers something she never expected. Written by Eisner Award winner Mark Schulz (Xenozoic Tales, Aliens: Apocalypse) and illustrated by Rick Leonardi (Cloak and Dagger, Aliens vs. Predator). Members of a bizarre religious cult stationed on a far-flung terraforming operation uncover a find that confirms their belief in a race of stellar deities in "Elder Gods," written by Bram Stoker Award winner Nancy Collins (Sunglasses After Dark, Vamps, Swamp Thing) and illustrated by Leif Jones. A Colonial Marine trying to escape an Alien hive after planting a timed explosive learns that while not invited, he is not welcome to leave. "45 Seconds" written by Darko Macan and illustrated by Frank Teran (The Punisher).

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Darko Macan
Bob Wiacek
Cover Artist:
John Bolton
Nancy Collins, Mark Schultz, Phil Amara
Tommy Lee Edwards, Frank Teran
Leif Jones, Rick Leonardi
John Stokes
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Horror, Media Tie-In, Science-Fiction
Release date:
Aug. 14, 2013

Volume 6 Bundle