Bob's Burgers

Volume 2 #7

In issue #7 of the Bob’s Burgers ongoing comic book series, the Belcher family has fried up a fresh batch of stories! Louise’s pest control pursuit comes to a close; Bob is ready to leave the station with his food truck train; Gene gives the cold shoulder to getting older in Peter Pants; Jimmy Pesto sees an advertising opportunity in Linda’s family picture; and we re-join the tale of woe with Jimmy Juliet and Tineo. _ Bob’s Burgers_ is the Emmy Award-winning animated sitcom that airs on Fox television with other hits such as _ The Simpsons_ and _ Family Guy_ !

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Release date: Jan. 6, 2016
Series: Bob's Burgers
Pages: 28
Ages: 14+

Bob's Burgers

Volume 2 #8