• Issue #31-35 Bundle

  • This bundle contains issues 31 - 35 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8!

    After Willow unearths giant Tibetan goddesses to help in the fight againstTwilight and his disposable soldiers, the Slayers are forced to retreat whenthe goddesses go AWOL and attack indiscriminately. Without powers, the Slayersare unable to keep up the fight against missile fire, grenade launchers, andtanks. It would seem that all is lost, and Buffy—all alone—must make herlast stand on a battlefield covered in the bodies of friends and foes.

    Faster than a speeding—you know. More powerful than a—yeah, one ofthose. Able to leap tall…castles in a single bound. Still working onthat x-ray-vision thing. In the aftermath of battle with Twilight's army,Buffy has developed a host of new powers, but when will the other shoe drop,and will it be a cute shoe, or an ugly one? Still reeling from the losses ofwar, Willow goes looking for missing allies and discovers a horrifying truthabout several of the Slayer army's recent ordeals.

    Series artist Georges Jeanty, acclaimed novelist and comics writer BradMeltzer (The Book of Lies, Identity Crisis), and executive producer JossWhedon begin the buildup to Season 8's climax in the story line thatfinally reveals the identity of Twilight!

    • The story line revealing Twilight's true identity!

    • Eisner Award-winning series.

    Best-selling author Brad Meltzer joins Buffy Season 8!