• Issue #13 - #16 Bundle

  • This bundle contains issues #13 - #16 of Star Wars: Empire!

    A rare view of the days of the Rebellion from the perspective of a soldier of the Empire—specifically that of a stormtrooper who is transferred to the newly commissioned Death Star!

    After the destruction of the Death Star, Darth Vader attempts to make it to an Imperial safe haven in his crippled TIE fighter, only to crash-land in a savage wilderness.

    To Biggs Darklighter, it seems like he's already lived a lifetime of adventures since joining the Rebel Alliance. Strap into your pilot seats and lower your blast shields—the Rogue Squadron is about to make galactic history!

    He may have washed out as a pilot at the Imperial Academy, but Lt. Janek Sunber has found a new home in the infantry. Hoping for a post on a world where he could see some action against the Rebels, he instead finds himself on the jungle world of Maridun as part of a regiment overseeing the construction of a new base.