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  • #6-#10 Bundle

  • This bundle contains issues #6 - #10 of Star Wars: Rebellion!

    This is the Star Wars story that no fan of the original trilogy can affordto miss—an all-new adventure set in the dangerous underworld of the warbetween the Empire and the Rebellion!

    A lieutenant to one of the most powerful gangsters in the galaxy, Wyl Tarsonis a master of lying, cheating, and stealing—and a hero of the Rebel Alliance!For years Wyl has been acquiring valuable information for the Rebellionthrough his employer Raze's expansive criminal network. That is, until Razediscovers Wyl's second life as a Rebel spy. Now, subjected to a mysteriousprocedure, Wyl has become a prisoner in his own body, subject to Raze's everywhim.

    It's an unforgettable first issue where the stakes couldn't be higher for WylTarson—or the Rebel Alliance!