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  • Issue #33-#36 Bundle

  • This bundle contains issues #33 - #36 of Star Wars: Empire!

    On the planet Jabiim, Luke Skywalker's situation has gone from bad to worse.Having managed an escape from the rebel group who wants revenge for hisfather's actions during the Clone Wars, and having fought his way clear of theImperial stormtroopers who are after any Rebel they can lay theirhands on, Luke ends up the captive of third-party players. A group of wealthyJabiimi have made a deal with the Empire: in exchange for their own freedom,they're going to give the rest of the planet's population to the Empire asslaves!

    Luke's only hope lies with Leia and the droids—but they have problems of theirown!

    It's all part of an action-packed story that looks at some of the events fromthe Clone Wars in a new light!