• Hellboy MegaBundle (EXPIRED)

  • This bundle contains three complete Hellboy stories: Hellboy: Darkness Calls, Hellboy: The Wild Hunt, and Hellboy: The Storm.

    Hellboy goes to war in the miniseries Hellboy: The Fury, now on sale. To get you up to speed on the latest epic series from Hellboy, we've put together an extra-special bundle! This megabundle includes Darkness Calls #1-#6, The Wild Hunt #1-#8, and The Storm #1-#3, the three story arcs you'll need to read to be completely caught up for The Fury…That's seventeen new comics for only $20!

    For a limited time only!

    • "Once The Fury hits the shelves…$#!T. IS. GOING. TO. GO. DOWN."—Comic Impact

    Hellboy: Darkness Calls

    Witches all across the world seek out Hellboy, but this time, they're not justafter revenge.

    A long-awaited follow-up to 2005's The Island, the six-issue miniseriesDarkness Calls sees Mike Mignola pushing his greatest creation, Hellboy,toward the next major turning point in his life, with haunting art by DuncanFegredo (Enigma, Ultimate Adventures).

    Hellboy: The Wild Hunt

    When ancient giants begin to rise from their graves across England, Hellboy isinvited to join a mysterious group called the Wild Hunt and help bring themdown. But the hunt leads to betrayal, and Hellboy finds himself up againstenemies as angry about what he is as what he's done. "The fading children ofthe earth" gather in the shadows, waiting for the promised return of the Queenof Blood, and a chance to once again "shake the trees, crack mountains, andmake the daytime world weep in fear."

    Hellboy: The Storm

    A terrible storm is brewing, bodies are missing from their tombs, and theforces of darkness gather against Hellboy for a final bloody showdown.

    Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo reunite for the final arc of the best-selling saga thatincludes Hellboy: Darkness Calls and Hellboy: The Wild Hunt.