• #1-#4 Bundle

  • This bundle contains the complete four-issue series!

    Billy the Kid, having faked his own death, is now free to roam America and start a new life, unhindered by his past crimes and criminal record. Free, that is, until someone discovers his true identity. Fineas Sproule and his band of traveling sideshow performers blackmail the Kid into joining their troupe. These performers are the rarest breed of human oddities and deforms: an alligator man, a dog-face boy, a wild man, a miniature boy, a psychic, a tattooed woman, and Sproule himself, also known as "The Human Spider." Billy begrudgingly agrees. Sproule, on top of everything else, is something of a treasure hunter. He and his band are set to travel to Europe to steal a priceless artifact from a mysterious scientist, a Dr. Victor Frankenstein—with Billy as their hired gun.

    Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities is written by Eric Powell (writer/artist of the International Horror Guild Award winner and Eisner Award winner The Goon) and illustrated by Kyle Hotz (fan-favorite artist of The Agency and The Hood). This series combines Hotz's quirky, macabre visuals and Powell's humorous, fast-paced storytelling into an offbeat, epic adventure full of interesting characters combining the unlikely genres of spaghetti western and Hammer horror.