• Issue #47-#50 Bundle

  • This bundle contains Conan issues #47-#50.


    Dark Horse Comics and the Conan team are proud to introduce new seriesartist Tomás Giorello! Best known for his powerful fantasy illustrations forWizards of the Coast and other prominent publishers, Giorello has also madehis mark on comics, contributing to a slew of Star Wars titles. Now, helends his dynamic pencils to the barbarian, joining writer Timothy Truman ashe takes Conan from the boisterous "Rogues in the House" to an adaptation ofthe darker Howard fragment "The Hand of Nergal."


    Conan finds himself embroiled in a political struggle turned bloody between anaive young prince and a sinister sorcerer who calls upon the god of theunderworld to aid him in building an army of demonic abominations, intenton conquering not just his own kingdom, but all of Hyboria! But that's not theonly danger that threatens to destroy Conan's world. Little does he know that apiece of his past still follows him, stalking the Cimmerian with the patienceof the grave. All roads lead to the doomed city of Yaralet in this stunningadaptation of Robert E. Howard's lost fragment "The Hand of Nergal."


    In this penultimate chapter of Timothy Truman and Tomás Giorello's epicadaptation of the Robert E. Howard fragment "The Hand of Nergal," Conan mustfight for his very life against a foe unlike any other. But how do you kill anenemy that's already dead?

    The only hope for Conan and his comrades is to destroy the gateway to thedemonic underworld and stop the spawn of the evil god Nergal before it's toolate!


    The final issue of the adaptation of Robert E. Howard's lost fragment "The Hand of Nergal"—a special double-sized issue with over forty pages and a very special cover by returning Eisner Award-winning Conan cover artist Tony Harris!