• #1-#4 Bundle

  • This bundle contains the complete four-issue series!

    Legendary writer Len Wein, creator of Wolverine and Swamp Thing, teams upwith Conan ongoing writer Kurt Busiek and the grand master of horror art,Kelley Jones, to tell the horrifying origin of Thoth-Amon—Conan's greatestadversary!

    In the dank alleys of a decaying city, one beggar boy conjures visions of afuture where, instead of spitting on him in the streets, the rich andprivileged cower in fear of his terrible power. For young Thoth, hunger andpain are a way of life, twisting his heart into believing that no wickedness istoo costly if it can afford a means of escape—not even the betrayal of one'ssole confidant in the wretched, unfeeling world.

    With art by the inimitable Jones and a script by Busiek (responsible for themost successful relaunch of a fantasy character in comics history) and Wein (mastermind behind many of comics' most beloved modern heroes), this seriesfinally reveals the secrets behind the dread sorcerer Thoth-Amon!