Samurai Executioner Volume 7: The Bamboo Splitter

302 pages
Ages 18+

As Samurai Executioner continues in its own world of crime and punishment, honor and bushido, we are beginning to learn more about the characters and situations involved in Edo-era justice. We learn about Kubikiri Asa, the shogun's decapitator, and his stoic, joyless existence, with stories of his childhood and their impact on his present life. We also learn more about the peace officers of the era, such as Catcher Kasajiro, the charming young man who uses a hooked rope and a chained cudgel with such great skill. With these two characters—one with the guilt of many generations, and one bearing the naiveté of a young buck—comes an odd sort of tenderness to a world of pain and death.

Samurai Executioner is the companion to one of the most seminal works of manga, Lone Wolf and Cub!

• For mature readers.


Kazuo Koike
Goseki Kojima
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Classic, Manga
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