Criminal Macabre: Cell Block 666 #4

23 pages
Ages 13+

Most people will never understand the nightmare of being framed for a friend's murder and sent to prison on trumped-up charges by reckless, power-rabid cops. Cal McDonald isn't like most people, and he never has been. But now, in some of the bleakest moments of his life, the things that make him different from the rest of the world might be the only things capable of keeping his sorry butt out of deeper trouble. Because it turns out that the things that would make most people want to give up and die—the strange, inhuman voices coming from adjacent cells, the mysterious visitors, the unlikely saviors in demonic disguise—are the things that have kept Cal alive long enough to see a way out…


Steve Niles
Nick Stakal
Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist:
Tim Bradstreet
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Crime, Horror, Noir
Release date: