SpyBoy Volume 4: Undercover, Underwear!

79 pages
Ages 14+

SpyBoy is comics' newest teen superhero with a curfew. Or superspy, to be exact. This volume takes SpyBoy, AKA Alex Fleming, on his most dangerous missions to date. Flying high aboveground, he faces a death-defying plummet with bad guys hot on his tail and nothing but a handful of new superspy gadgets to save him. If he survives, he'll have his hands full with the sharklike Slackjaw. So where the dickens is his cute but deadly partner, Bombshell? She's fighting for her own life in an action-fueled chase through the desert sands of the Middle East. Then it's off to the hypersensory streets of Tokyo and the debut of Japan's own teen spy…SpyGirl! All of Bombshell's incendiary expertise still may not be a match for this cunning young martial-arts master!


Peter David
Pop Mhan, Sunny Lee
Norman Lee
Guy Major
Cover Artist:
Pop Mhan
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Superhero
Release date: