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Shaman Warrior Volume 4

199 pages
Ages 16+

As an infant shaman warrior, Yaki's powers have yet to awaken, but the heartless forces of Kugai are determined to kill her and put an end to her shaman bloodline. While Batu slips back to Kugai to hunt Yuda, the death lord who assassinated Yaki's father, Genji takes the young girl on a treacherous journey through desert wastelands in search of a clan that will protect her. The clan that Batu and Genji have in mind is a group of strong, brutish warriors who thrive on fear and discipline—but one that even the soldiers of Kugai fear and avoid. Hoping that these savages will both protect and train Yaki, Genji risks her life to deliver the young child into the hands of monsters. As the famous Nietzsche saying goes, "that which does not kill us makes us stronger."

• Translated by the mother/son team of Taesoon Kang and Derek Kirk Kim.

• "The best choreographed fight comic I've ever seen…the kind of work that rewards a dabble into the unfamiliar."—Ain't It Cool News


Park Joong-Ki
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Manhwa
Release date: