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Chunchu: The Genocide Fiend Volume 3

184 pages
Ages 13+

Chunchu is a sullen, dark figure. Hunted for the bounty on his head, with the blood of hundreds on his hands, and hated by his own comrades—it's easy to see why. But it's not his fault that he's impossible to kill and thirsty for blood. It's his brother's fault. It was his own brother who planted the demon stone in Chunchu while the two were just babies. So now Chunchu lives as a man possessed by a curse, fighting for a kingdom that should be his to rule.

But who is the mysterious man who knows of Chunchu's curse and just may have the means to take him down? And will Chunchu fight him or welcome death? Learn more about these two shadowy warriors in the third volume of Chunchu: The Genocide Fiend.

• Presented in the original left-to-right manhwa format, with FX intact and overlaid.

• Awarded "Manhwa of the Year" in Korea in 2003!


Kim Sung-Jae
Kim Byung-Jin
Jay So
Dark Horse Comics
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