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Blood+ Volume 3

186 pages
Ages 16+

This third, pivotal volume reveals one of the biggest secrets in the Blood+ mythos—but you'll have to wade through plenty of violence, betrayal, and sacrifice before you get there. Hagi shows just how resilient he can be, Kai is as stubborn and reckless as ever, and confused, sweet Riku is once again in the wrong place at the wrong time. Speaking of time, this volume also features a longer flashback sequence that takes us to the 1800s and another violent episode in Saya's curious, catastrophic life! A brutal skirmish, eye-popping gore, and some enlightening flashbacks open this central volume to the Blood+ manga series, as Saya faces her tormentor Charles head on.

• Asuka Katsura's Blood+ manga series is the official adaptation and companion to the popular Production I.G/Aniplex anime series that became a hit on Adult Swim.


Asuka Katsura
Dark Horse Comics
Release date: