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The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Volume 3

196 pages
Ages 18+

The Corpse Delivery Service has been helping dead people move on to the afterlife…but what about interred internal organs? In volume 3, Kuro is surprised to learn that the voice enlisting his help is coming not from a dead man, but a live man housing a necrotic organ, the result of a faulty transplant. The pursuit of putrid parts leads the kids of Kurosagi all the way to the war in Iraq!

• In Kurosagi, the writer of the notorious MPD-Psycho creates strange, shocking scenarios of contemporary horror drawn by Housui Yamazaki, whose clean, stylish approach has made him one of the hottest new young artists in Japan.

• For mature readers.

• "While there is cruelty, gore, violence, and implied unnatural sexual acts, the manga is also a complex and slyly ironic social commentary. Acquire this manga for adult collections for the naturalistic artwork that shows attention to human emotion, the social observation, and the banter between members of the delivery service."—Christine Gertz, Library Journal


Eiji Otsuka
Housui Yamazaki
Cover Artist:
Bunpei Yorifuji
Dark Horse Comics
Manga, Manga Sale
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