Trigun Maximum Volume 6: The Gunslinger

184 pages
Ages 14+

A lot of the Gung-Ho Guns have fallen victim to defeat and therefore death, but not by the bullets of the reluctant hero, Vash the Stampede. But even if the "Guns" seem to be dwindling, that doesn't mean there's a lack of violent freaks tearing up the planet. In Gunslinger Vash is running into all sorts of weirdos with guns. All the while, Knives and his crew have something mysterious going on behind the scenes, and it doesn't look good for Vash and the people he lives to protect.

• Presented in the authentic right-to-left reading format with design that reflects the original Japanese edition.

• The first three volumes of Trigun Maximum have combined to sell over 125, 000 copies!

English-language version produced by DARK HORSE MANGA and DIGITAL MANGA PUBLISHING.


Yasuhiro Nightow
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Manga
Release date: