Prototype 2 #1: The Anchor, Part 1

14 pages
Ages 16+

From the writer of Protoype 2 comes a series of original Prototype stories! This digital-exclusive series features three two-part tales bridging the games!

Part 1 of “The Anchor” picks up with Alex Mercer one year after the Blacklight virus hit New York City. Traveling the world in search of something to believe in, Mercer sees only reasons to hate humanity, until far to the north he finds himself in a cabin with a kind old man and his daughter. But when he encounters evil even there, Mercer finally finds something to fight for!

• Written by Dan Jolley, writer of the game!

• Exclusive to the Dark Horse Digital Store!


Dan Jolley
Paco Diaz
Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist:
Paco Diaz
Dark Horse Comics
2012 Series Launches, 99 cent Comics
Release date: