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Drawing Down the Moon: The Art of Charles Vess

208 pages
Ages 12+

The fantasy art of Charles Vess is acclaimed worldwide, his rich palette, striking compositions, and lavish detail second to none. Vess has created memorable works for such best-selling fantasy authors as Neil Gaiman, Susanna Clarke, Charles de Lint, and George R. R. Martin, as well as a who's-who list of publishers and clients. His art is both breathtakingly singular while recalling the golden age of illustration, when paint and brush were the vessels that carried readers to distant lands, bygone ages, and realms of the imagination.

• Foreword by Susanna Clarke, best-selling author of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

• "The reason that Charles Vess draws such astonishing things, such beautiful things, and such strange things so very well is simple. He draws what he sees."—Neil Gaiman

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Charles Vess
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