Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #42 - #46 Bundle

This bundle contains issues #42 - #46 of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic!

Knights of the Old Republic: Destroyer begins with an untold chapter from the lives of Malak and Revan -- stars of the KotOR video game!

From there, it takes us to a death-defying shootout on the face of a comet and into the heart of one of the cruelest organizations in the galaxy -- the Crucible. Former Padawan Zayne Carrick risks not just his life, but also his sanity, to help his friend Jarael face her dark past. Zayne may have set off for adventure, but what he finds are irreversible consequences for himself and his crew in a dangerous, unforgiving galaxy.

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John Jackson Miller
Bong Dazo, Brian Ching, Ron Chan
Michael Atiyeh
Michael Heisler
Cover Artists:
Benjamin Carré, Jim Pavelec