Mind MGMT #2

27 pages
Ages 14+

Matt Kindt's cutting-edge spy-fi series continues!

Young journalist Meru's investigation into MIND MGMT—an espionage unit of psychic spies—and the rogue field agent whose defection nearly destroyed the entire operation becomes even more complicated when the CIA takes an interest! But whose side are they on? As the story takes her from Mexico to Zanzibar, Meru discovers more clues about MIND MGMT's history and encounters some of its victims, all while pursued by tireless Immortals!

Please Note: The back covers of MIND MGMT include content exclusive to the print editions. Digital readers are not missing any of the story, but print readers will have access to additional sketch and production materials, which may eventually be reprinted in the MIND MGMT collections.

• From the creator of 3 Story and Super Spy!

Akira meets Heart of Darkness by way of 100 Bullets!

"I'll read anything Kindt does."—Douglas Wolk, author of Reading Comics

"[Kindt's comics are] nothing short of genius."—Jesse Alexander, writer/producer of Lost

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