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The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack

263 pages
Ages 16+

This second collection of strips from the award-winning comic series The Perry Bible Fellowship spans the entirety of the strip's print run. Bonus features include lost strips, sketches, a behind-the-scenes interview by Wondermark's David Malki, and an introduction by Diablo Cody.

Praise for The Perry Bible Fellowship:

• "A work of sheer brilliance."—Jim Woodring (Frank)

• "PBF is hilarious and f$#@ed-up in a very sublime way."—Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics)

• "Nick Gurewitch's strip is one of the few strips that makes me laugh out loud. It's really funny and if newspapers still cared about funny strips, he'd be in more papers, as he should. Except if they bump mine for him."—Tony Millionaire (Maakies, Sock Monkey)


Nicholas Gurewitch
Dark Horse Comics
Humor, Value Priced Collections
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