Dark Horse Originals 2012 Sampler :: Genius Redefining Genre

32 pages
Ages 16+

Dark Horse Originals celebrates the launch of three brilliant new series by three of the most exciting talents in comics with this exclusive preview book!

In April, Peter Bagge (Hate) debuts his cynical twist on virtual-reality sci-fi in Reset, as a washed-up actor gets the chance to relive his life until it hurts! In May, Matt Kindt (Super Spy) reinvents espionage drama in MIND MGMT, when a young journalist discovers a powerful agency of psychic spies! And in June, Gilbert Hernandez (Love and Rockets) remixes zombie horror in Fatima: The Blood Spinners, in which only a beautiful, lovesick woman can save the world from a drug that creates mindless flesh eaters!

This free sampler includes preview pages of all three series, plus Kindt’s follow-up to his acclaimed 3 Story, a one-shot revealing the Secret Files of the Giant Man!

• Dark Horse Originals is where comics’ most innovative creators spin their most original visions!

Reset #1 and 3 Story one-shot hit stores April 18!

Mind MGMT #1 hits stores May 23!

Fatima #1 hits stores June 20!

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