Fatima: The Blood Spinners #2

25 pages
Ages 14+

Love and Rockets' Gilbert Hernandez continues his scary and sexy romp through the zombie-infested future! With the irresistible drug "spin" turning more and more people into shambling brain-eaters, the beautiful Fatima finds herself one of the last agents standing against them. But with conspiracy theories running rampant, it's impossible to tell if she's on the right side or if her own organization is responsible for unleashing the plague!

*From Love and Rockets cocreator Gilbert Hernandez!

*Zombies, drug lords, and gorgeous women!

"I picture Gilbert Hernandez approaching his drawing board these days like Lawrence of Arabia approaching a Turkish convoy: 'NO PRISONERS! NO PRISONERS!'" -Comic Book Resources

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Gilbert Hernandez
Gilbert Hernandez
Cover Artist:
Gilbert Hernandez
Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Originals
Action/Adventure, Dark Horse Originals, Graphic Literature
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