Conan #26

23 pages
Ages 16+

The beginning of a stunning two parter drawn by legendary storyteller Tim Truman (Grimjack, Hawkworld, Jonah Hex)!

The prince and his mysterious wazir, featured in Conan #0 and the series' framing sequences, share center stage with Conan in a two-tiered story. Having added new lands to his father's empire, the prince must deal with diplomacy, border wars, and a local champion. The wazir offers guidance with a legend of when Conan was a hill chief of the Afghulis, high in the Himelian Mountains. Conan is building the seeds of a kingdom—can he betray a brave man to gain power? And if he can, should the prince do the same?

Imperial skullduggery, high-mountain action, and devious schemes take the spotlight in this gorgeously drawn tale.


Kurt Busiek
Timothy Truman
Dave Stewart
Cover Artist:
Tony Harris
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Classic, Crime, Fantasy
Release date: