Mind MGMT #4

27 pages
Ages 14+

After following his trail around the world, Meru has finally found the missing passenger from the Amnesia Flight, but as he tells his story, she learns the mystery goes much deeper. In the first of two parts, witness the history of the secret MIND MGMT agency, revealed by the psychic spy who nearly destroyed it from within. And as Meru listens, the Immortals are only a few steps behind!

Please Note: The back covers of MIND MGMT include content exclusive to the print editions. Digital readers are not missing any of the story, but print readers will have access to additional sketch and production materials, which may eventually be reprinted in the MIND MGMT collections.

• From the creator of 3 Story and Super Spy!

• Each issue features bonus stories that won't be in the collections!

• Dark Horse Originals is where comics’ most innovative creators spin their most original visions!


Matt Kindt
Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Originals
Action/Adventure, Dark Horse Originals
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