The Massive #5

27 pages
Ages 14+

Running low on crucial supplies, the crew of the Kapital head for a supposedly abandoned science station in Antarctica. But when Mary, second in command aboard the Kapital, and Ryan, the only American aboard, find the station occupied, a supply run turns into a deadly fight for survival.

• A new series from New York Times best-selling author Brian Wood.

• "The Massive . . . feels like sci fi getting back to its roots in speculative fiction, instead of being mired in alien invasions, single environment planets, and the same old. That, in case you can't tell, is a very, very good thing, and the largest reason to recommend this smartly written, subtle comic book." —MTV Geek


Brian Wood
Garry Brown
Dave Stewart
Cover Artist:
J. P. Leon
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Brian Wood Sale, Science-Fiction
Release date: