Living with the Dead #2

26 pages
Ages 14+

New York City, like every city in the world, has one problem: its entire population is dead. A global virus has turned the seven billion inhabitants of Earth into mindless brain-and-flesh-hungry zombies. Best friends Straw and Whip have been able to survive in this savage land by disguising themselves as zombies; now they feel the flames of jealousy over what in all likelihood is the last living woman on Earth. Will Betty's feminine charm divide Straw and Whip? Will her penchant for playing zombie target practice prove a fatal fetish?

Be sure to catch this three-issue series from the mind of Mike Richardson (The Mask, The Secret), with art by Ben Stenbeck and covers by legendary artist Richard Corben, making zombies fun again.

Two boys, a girl, and seven billion living dead.


Mike Richardson
Ben Stenbeck
Cover Artist:
Richard Corben
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Horror, Humor
Release date: