Conan #16-#19 Bundle

94 pages
Ages 0+

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Conan issues #16-#19 in one bundle!

In issue #16, the third major arc in the critically acclaimed, best-selling Conan series begins with Conan once again rejecting civilization, but quickly learning that sorcery reaches out into the wild as well.

In Conan #17, Conan's travels take him to the most dangerous place in Zamora—the infamous City of Thieves! Bruised, angry, and fed up with both men and mysticism, Conan's ready to start handing out a few lessons in ass kicking—and he finds plenty of contenders willing to take him on.

In Conan #18, Bruce Timm, the innovator whose work has changed the face of American animation as well as American comics, and John Severin, the legendary artist of EC's Two-Fisted Tales, Image's Desperadoes, and Vertigo's Caper, team up to give fan-favorite Cary Nord a month off. Kurt Busiek and Timm join forces on a brief, sadistic little adventure involving a girl, a wizard, a monster, and Conan's very morbid sense of humor. Busiek teams with sometimes writing partner Fabian Nicieza (Avengers/Thunderbolts) and the great John Severin to pick up a loose end from Conan #3, as Conan's destiny is misinterpreted by a series of luckless warriors and shameless opportunists, leading to nothing but misery.

In Conan #19, Conan unleashes an ancient evil of extraordinary power in a story that sets the stage for the adaptation of one of Robert E. Howard's most-praised Conan stories, "The Tower of the Elephant."


John Severin, Bruce Timm, Cary Nord
Kurt Busiek
Michelle Madsen
Fabian Nicieza
Cover Artist:
Cary Nord
Thomas Yeates
Dave Stewart
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Classic, Crime, Fantasy
Release date: