Catalyst Comix #1

35 pages
Ages 12+

Straight from the glory of Comics' Greatest World, Frank "Titan" Wells, Amazing Grace, and the Agents of Change are back, baby! But you've never seen them like this! Superhero comics get a back-alley facelift as these very different champions confront cosmic threats and personal demons—and it all starts at the end of the world as we know it!

• Masterminded by Joe Casey (Sex, Gødland, Baker the Righteous Maker)!

• Wraparound series covers from Rafael Grampá, Paul Pope, and Brendan McCarthy!

• Artists Dan McDaid (Doctor Who), Ulises Farinas (Glory), and Paul Maybury (Aqua Leung)!

“Joe Casey is good at bringing reinvigorating ideas to the table . . . [he] doesn't like to play in that sandbox so much as kick a lot of dirt around within the confines of that sandbox, and that's wonderful.” —ComicsAlliance


Joe Casey
Dan McDaid, Paul Maybury, Ulises Farinas
Brad Simpson
Cover Artist:
Rafael Grampa
Dark Horse Comics
2013 Series Launches, Action/Adventure, Superhero
Release date: