Juice Squeezers: Squish One-Shot

27 pages
Ages 12+

When there’s giant bugs to be squished, the Juice Squeezers are on the job! In this prequel to the upcoming all-ages, action-adventure, bug-stomping romp of a series from David Lapham, meet the team of preteens responsible for keeping an army of massive invasive insects at bay! When a swarm overwhelms Mr. Samnee’s orange-tree grove, the Squeezers investigate and run into a big bug that makes them question their mission!

Eisner Award–winning creator David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Ferals) writes and draws his first creator-owned series since 2009’s Young Liars!

“It’s a perfect start to an addictive new serial.”—Newsarama on Juice Squeezers in DHP #26

“The story is fun, the characters’ interactions are charming and interesting and the art is to die for. Lapham’s style is masterful and Loughridge’s colors complement the style and story.”—Comic Bastards

“[Lapham] also does a brilliant job when picking which moments of action to draw. It’s as if the characters are pausing in the optimum position for the scantest instant.”—Unleash the Fanboy


David Lapham
Cover Artists:
David Lapham, with Lee Loughridge
David Lapham
Lee Loughridge
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Science-Fiction
Release date: