Conan #32-#35 Bundle

105 pages
Ages 16+

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In Conan #32, Kurt Busiek and Greg Ruth return to Conan with another blood-stirring installment of "Born on the Battlefield," a series of standalone stories chronicling Conan's portentous formative years.

In Conan #33-#35, comic-book folk hero Timothy Truman makes his debut as the regular writer of the Conan ongoing series with a skull-shattering story of mad dogs, scheming priests, and humanoid abominations! With the beautiful Jiara in tow, Conan journeys west, away from the treacherous City of Thieves and into the jagged, desolate hills of Zamora. Yet lurking amid the rocks are adversaries hungry for his flesh, his purse, and his soul. A day of death and pain has dawned for the Cimmerian, and when it ends, the wild, the wicked, and the foolish shall fear one name—Conan!


Kurt Busiek, Timothy Truman
Cary Nord, Greg Ruth, Paul Lee
Dave Stewart
Cover Artist:
Tony Harris
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Classic, Crime, Fantasy
Release date: