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The Helm #2

25 pages
Ages 13+

The Helm, an enchanted artifact of countless legendary heroes, has learned that its latest Chosen One is a chubby, unemployed fantasy addict…who lives in his mother's basement. Defying all odds, however, Matt Blurdy has managed both to defeat a bloodthirsty hobgoblin and to thwart the Helm's scheme to have him killed. Now the hero's training begins in earnest: workouts, retrieval of a magic flaming sword, battles with wraiths, and a showdown with a sorcerer in mortal combat. But now the media starts reporting Matt's victories as murders, an old flame reenters the picture, and true darkness looms on the horizon, and even a replica Highlander trench coat might not be enough to save Matt's hide!


Jim Hardison
Bart Sears
Randy Elliott
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Fantasy
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