Conan the Cimmerian #7

25 pages
Ages 13+

Tim Truman's "Cimmeria" story arc comes to an explosive finale and tribal politics come to a head, as the fate of Conan's new lover is decided! Conan learns the truth about why his grandfather stayed in Cimmeria—where the old warrior became a vital member of his adopted village, yet never let go of his daydreams and wanderlust. Brecan seeks to impress his chieftain father and end current clan tensions and disputes, but his "solution" creates even more problems and puts him at odds with an enraged Conan. Everything ties together here, as the first Conan the Cimmerian arc crescendoes into a flurry of swords and emotion!

• "The artists team up to create a pitch-perfect sword and sorcery aesthetic which easily ranks the book amongst the best of comparable books on the stands."—IGN


Timothy Truman
Richard Corben, Tomás Giorello
José Villarrubia
Cover Artists:
Frank Cho, José Villarrubia
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Classic, Crime, Fantasy
Release date: