Volume 6: The American Choppers

Issue #1

President of the World Axe Cop reunites with Super Axe, an old friend from college, and the two of them decide to start a superteam of axe-wielding heroes to defend America, called the American Choppers. They are joined by Captain Axe, Axe Girl, Axe Woman, Axe Dog, and other axe-wielding heroes. The only problem is that there are no bad guys left, but that all changes when mysterious giant creatures attack the city!

  • Upon its debut as a webcomic in December of 2009, Axe Cop was instantly hailed by the entertainment press as a hit!

“So engaging that you can't help but read this book all in one sitting.” —IGN

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Malachai Nicolle
Ethan Nicolle
Dirk Erik Schulz
Cover Artist:
Ethan Nicolle

Volume 6: The American Choppers

Issue #2

The American Choppers #1-3 Bundle