Dark Horse Digital Privacy Policy

Dark Horse Comics believes that your privacy is important, and is committed to helping you maintain your privacy while interacting with us on our websites, via mobile devices, and elsewhere online. This Privacy Policy describes what information we do and don't collect from you, how we use that information, and who has access to it.

Our Privacy Policy applies to all Dark Horse-owned and hosted websites, mobile applications, and other online services. If you have any questions or feedback about this policy, please email us at digital.service@darkhorse.com.

Revision Policy

This Policy was last revised on September 20, 2022.

Kinds of Information We Collect

Dark Horse collects several of types of information from our customers, fans, and other visitors:

  1. Information provided by you: Any information you input on our websites or mobile applications will be stored and used to provide you with content, improve our services, and contact you. This may include (but is not limited to) your name, email address, location, age, and favorite products and creators.
  2. Automatically-collected data: Your network address, browser version information, and referring website (if any) are all submitted automatically to our servers whenever you access our websites. We may log and analyze this information in order to monitory and improve our quality of service, as well as to look for unusual or suspicious usage patterns.
  3. Payment details: Some of the services and content we provide requires payment for access. When you submit payment information, including credit card and billing address details, we will provide that information to our banking and payment-processing partners in order to process your payments.
  4. E-mail messages: If you register for an account with any of our websites, we will send you e-mail as necessary to communicate about important events such as payment issues, requests for password changes, or updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, along with other types of communication that you explicitly opt-in to receive. These e-mail messages may include tracking pixels and customized links that allow us to monitor successful delivery of and response to our messages.
  5. Mobile device info: When using our mobile applications, we may collect unique information about your device in order to associate devices with accounts and protect against misuse of your account(s) and software. We may also collect aggregated information about brand, model, and capabilities of your mobile device(s) in order to direct future product upgrades and enhancements.
  6. Usage history: As you interact with our websites and applications, we will collect certain usage information, including pages viewed, products purchased, and content viewed or downloaded. If you have previously registered for an account with one of our websites or applications and are logged in while interacting with our services, this information will be associated with your unique account identifier.
  7. External sources: Outside partners of Dark Horse, including affiliates and advertising partners may submit information to use when referring you to our websites. We will preserve and report on this referral information as required by our agreements with those partners.

Cookies and Device Identifiers

Our websites use "cookies" to store information across page views and visits. Most web browsers can be configured to refuse to store cookies, but this will break some functionality on our websites, including purchasing and download of free and paid content.

We take security of your login and session details very seriously, and will never accept or store cookies that could be used to hijack or make charges against your account without forcing the use of strong SSL encryption between your browser and our servers. (For more information on SSL, please see the [Security and storage] section below.) On any of our sites that accept account registration and login, we will immediately remove all personally-identifying cookie data whenever you "log out" of your account.

How Information is Used

We will use information collected during your usage of our websites and applications to offer requested services, collect and process payments, and to deliver downloadable and customized content to you. In addition, we will make information about your account and usage history available to our customer service and business operation staff in order to ensure that you receive the highest possible quality of service.

We also utilize anonymous, aggregated information about website and application usage to improve the reliability and performance of our systems.


In most cases, Dark Horse will not share your information with anyone. We will never sell your personal contact information to any third parties.

We may share limited types of information with other vendors or organizations in the following circumstances:

  1. Third-party service providers: Some features offered through our websites and applications may make use of services hosted by a third-party. These services may include payment processing, e-mail list management, or tools that allow posting to existing social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Wherever possible, we will withhold any personally-identifiable information from these partners, but we may share detailed information where necessary for them to provide the required services.
  2. Business transfers: In case of acquisition, merger, or business restructuring, the databases and logs containing your personal information may transfer from Dark Horse Comics to another business. We will continue to uphold the terms of this Policy in case of any such transfer, but future revisions after that event could modify the Policy.
  3. Legal compliance and protection: We reserve the right to share information about customer accounts with law enforcement, legal council, or other business or government entities in the case when we determine that it is necessary to comply with the law. Dark Horse Comics is incorporated and operated in the USA, and we are subject to American laws and regulations. If you are accessing our websites or applications from another jurisdiction, your activity and information will still be stored on our servers in the US.
  4. Aggregated data for partners: We may share anonymous, aggregated usage and demographic information with advertisers, business partners, and service vendors. This information will not include names, e-mail, or billing addresses, and we will make every effort to protect your privacy by not including invasive ads or tracking "bugs" on our websites.
  5. Other by consent: Any other information that we share outside our network (for contests, integration with other websites, etc.) will require your explicit consent. We will request approval every time we wish to share information, and will allow you to opt-out of the sharing at any time.


Dark Horse Comics will never knowingly collect personal information from anyone under the age of 13. We strongly advise parents to actively guide and participate in their children's Internet usage, and welcome them to use our websites and applications together with their kids.

We will ask for age verification during all account registrations, and will refuse access to anyone who indicates that they are under the age of 13. If we suspect any account to have been accidentally or deliberately created by someone under 13 by providing an incorrect date of birth, we will immediately suspend that account.

All paid access to content and services requires a valid credit card, or provision for offline payment via check or money order. We will not accept payment from anyone under the age of 18 for any services or content.

Security and Storage

We require the use of Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") encryption for all sensitive traffic between you and our websites and applications. Every modern web browser supports SSL, and we use the same strength and quality of encryption as online banking and tax-preparation services.

All passwords and other sensitive credentials stored on our servers are encrypted using strong, one-way encryption functions. This means that no one, including employees of Dark Horse, can read your password, though they may be able to gain access to your account by other means. We strongly recommend using a unique password for your Dark Horse account(s), as we cannot guarantee the security of any other site where you use a similar or identical login name and password.

Dark Horse does not store credit card numbers on our servers. Our banking partners provide secure storage for the card numbers you provide while paying for services and content, and we instead use a unique "token" that that protects you from credit card fraud, as it cannot be reused to charge your account anywhere else.

We also keep detailed audit logs of all transactions on our servers. All access to account details, whether internal or external to Dark Horse, is tracked and monitored. In any case where we suspect your account information may have been inappropriately accessed or modified, we will contact you within 24 hours and work to ensure that any issues are corrected as quickly as possible.

Access, Opt-out, and Preferences

We will send certain important e-mail on a timely basis, including confirmation of account registration or status changes, including password changes and account deletion. We will also notify you via e-mail of every payment made via our websites and applications.

In addition, you may opt-in to receive additional informational e-mail from us on a periodic basis. These e-mail messages may include promotional material, reminders and invitations about upcoming products and events, and other related communication. If at any time you do not wish to continue receiving these messages, you may opt-out on our website or via your account settings.

If you wish to delete your Dark Horse account(s) just e-mail us at digital.service@darkhorse.com. Please note: if you have paid for access to content or services and then delete your account, you will lose access to that content; our policy does not allow transfer of access rights between accounts, or continuing access without a valid username and password.

We would love to hear any other questions or feedback you may have on this Policy. You can reach us via e-mail at digital.service@darkhorse.com, or by using our contact page.