The Art of Maya and the Three
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The Art of Maya and the Three

From the Netflix animated series!

This full-color artbook allows fans of animation, world-building, and character design a behind-the-scenes look at how all three combine to build great stories.

Dive into the art of Jorge Gutierrez's new Netflix series, featuring Maya, the eagle-warrior princess. Capturing the beauty of the series in one epic tome, with fully bilingual (Spanish/English) text, this book reveals every step that went into bringing the series to life. Full of dynamic characters rooted in South American folklore, Maya and The Three breathes new life into the gods and monsters from Aztec, Mayan, Incan, and Caribbean mythology in an exciting new way.

• Packed with details that went into making the characters, settings, weapons, and critters authentic and unique. Including detailed explorations of the wide variety of lush, vibrant, and sometimes spooky mythology and settings.

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Jorge Gutierrez
Release date: Jan. 12, 2022
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Series: Maya and the Three
Ages: 8+


Jorge Gutierrez
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Kids
Release date:
Jan. 12, 2022