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Go Boy 7

Volume 2

When Jonny Zero's blood was infused with a lifesaving nanotech plasm, his world was changed forever. No longer a normal teenaged boy, Jonny became Go Boy 7—human action machine! Now Jonny's life is a constant adventure as he battles the evil genius of The Cultist, who seeks the destruction of logic, reason, and Go Boy 7! In this collection, The Cultist's devastating giga-technology threatens civilization yet again, and an enigmatic new player enters the game—BioAgent!

Who is this dark new hero? What is happening to Jonny's body? What is the origin of The Cultist? Find out in this exciting collection of issues #5-#8 of Rocket Comics premier title, featuring the storytelling talents of Brian Augustyn (B.P.R.D: Dark Waters, Crimson, The Flash, JLA: Year One) and the kinetic art of Jon Sommariva and Todd Demong!

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Release date: March 6, 2013
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Series: Go Boy 7
Pages: 105
Ages: 8+