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Issue #9

Ages 16+
47 pages
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No rest for the wicked! Uncle Creepy doesn't need a summer vacation when he can spend the time scuba-diving through comics' darkest, murkiest waters. In this issue he's surfaced with a batch of our most fearsome features to date, as Doug Moench and Kelley Jones (Batman: Unseen) continue their tale of Lovecraft insanity, Doselle Young (The Monarchy) delves into the murderous side of parallel universes, Emily Carroll (His Face All Red) brings horror from a spooky kitchen knife. This issue also includes a reprint of Bruce Jones's and Richard Corben's classic "In Deep" and debuts the "Creepy Family" comic strip from Dan Braun and Peter Bagge!

*48 pages of the finest in illustrated horror from Doug Moench, Kelley Jones, Doselle Young, Emily Carroll, and more!

"Creepy Comics . . . should appeal to any and all fans of horror tales, not just old-school revivalists." -The Onion's A. V. Club

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