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Ghost In The Smoke And Din #0

Ages 14+
27 pages
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Former journalist Vaughn Barnes has been reduced to moonlighting as cameraman for the shoddy paranormal-investigation cable TV show Phantom Finders. But when a curious device summons the specter of a beautiful, translucent woman, Vaughn is plunged into a mystery of criminal intrigue that spans two worlds! Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto launch their exciting new take on one of Dark Horse's most popular characters ever!

• Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel) brings a keen new eye to the spectral heroine.

• Renowned artist Phil Noto (Angel & Faith, X-23) perfectly captures the wraithlike elegance of the enigma known as Ghost!

Ghost is back!

Project Black Sky


Kelly Sue DeConnick
Phil Noto
Cover Artist:
Jenny Frison


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