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Free Comic Book Day 2020 (General)

In Critical Role, the legends of Vox Machina travel far and wide… But which ones are just colorful flights of fancy, and which are actually true? Gather 'round as several of these tall tales are told, each more far-fetched than the last. Writer Jody Houser (Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins II, Stranger Things), artist Hunter Bonyun, and colorist Stephan McGowan bring the Critical Role story to life.

Then get an introduction to the world of Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology, a new comic series adapted by award-winning comics writer and artist P. Craig Russell (American Gods, Only the End of the World Again) with colors by Lovern Kindzierski (Shame, Necromantic) and letters by Galen Showman (The Graveyard Book, Murder Mysteries).

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