The Silent Grove

Issue #5

Continuing the digital-exclusive tie-in to BioWare’s celebrated game series, from the lead writer of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II!

King Alistair’s quest to learn the fate of his father, King Maric, has led to Alistair’s capture by the assassin prince Claudio Valisti. In order to get him back, Alistair’s companions Isabela and Varric are forced to make a bargain with the witch Yavana, but at what price?

• Story by Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II lead writer David Gaider!

• An essential companion to the games, revealing one of the series’ mysteries!

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Alexander Freed, David Gaider
Chad Hardin
Michael Atiyeh
Dark Horse Comics
99 cent Comics, Action/Adventure, Media Tie-In, Video Gamer
Release date:
April 18, 2012

The Silent Grove

Issue #6

#1-#6 Bundle