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Creepy Archives Volume 10

Ages 16+
281 pages
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In this cranium-cracking collection, the Eisner Award-winning Creepy Archives run continues to bring classic Warren horror anthology stories to modern readers! Collecting Creepy magazine issues #46-#50 and featuring a terrifying cover by acclaimed horror and fantasy illustrator Sanjulian, our latest excursion into terror brings us face to fang with the bizarre concoctions of Richard Corben, Doug Moench, Reed Crandall, Tom Sutton, Jerry Grandenetti, José Bea, and other familiar monsterminds and fan faves. This archival edition also reprints all color covers, color Loathsome Lore stories, fan-art pages, letter columns, and essays from the original magazines, making our series essential for hardcore horror collectors and new readers alike!

New York Times graphic novel bestseller.


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