Larry Marder's Beanworld Book 1: Wahoolazuma!

Beanworld is a peculiar fantasy that operates under its own rules and laws. Series creator Larry Marder says, "Beanworld is about the affinity of life. It's like A Bug's Life meets Mutts, as told by Dr. Seuss and Joseph Campbell." Meet Mr. Spook, Professor Garbanzo, Beanish, and the Chow Sol'jer Army as they experience adventures that prove, whether friends or adversaries, we all ultimately depend on each other for survival. Beanworld reflects deep truths about our world, including themes of ecology, advertising, culture, and art, making the experiences of these fanciful creatures feel as true, funny, moving, and relatable as anything in our own reality.

• Includes the first nine issues of the original acclaimed comic-book series!

• A New York Times bestseller.

• Suggested for readers aged seven to adult.

• For a fascinating look into Beanworld, go to!

"Like George Lucas, Stan Lee, and J.J. Abrams, cartoonist Larry Marder is the creator of a deeply imagined alternate world that inspires obsessive fandom and yields glossaries, maps, and websites."—Sean Howe, Entertainment Weekly

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Larry Marder
Release date: March 28, 2012
Imprint: Dark Horse Originals
Pages: 275
Ages: 7+


Larry Marder
Dark Horse Originals
Dark Horse Originals, Humor, Value Priced Collections
Release date:
March 28, 2012

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