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Ages 12+
225 pages
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The original, hard-to-find Tarzan comics are finally back in print! This second volume reproduces six big Golden Age issues from the dynamite team of Gaylord DuBois and Jesse Marsh for readers new and old to enjoy.

DuBois and Marsh's nineteen-year collaboration on Tarzan produced a legendary body of work and an enduring vision of one of the world's foremost adventure icons. Marsh's art enthralled an entire generation of comics readers, influencing future creators, including the Hernandez brothers, and earning the acclaim of such fellow professionals as Russ Manning and Alex Toth!

• "If I collected anybody, it was Jesse Marsh's Tarzan books. I collected those for years, and he was one of my stars."—Richard Corben

• A New York Times best-selling series!


Archives: The Jesse Marsh Years Archives