Volume 2

Empowered returns for further misadventures, as the distress-prone girl wonder struggles with life on the superheroic C list!

Clad—or unclad, as fate would too often have it—in her embarrassingly revealing and maddeningly unreliable supersuit, she fights a never-ending battle against overly sensitive supervillains, irrationally envious superheroines, and her own body-image issues! Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Thugboy, plays with fire when he foolhardily attempts to compliment his profoundly insecure sweetheart on the awe-inspiring power of her…well, booty. And her often-inebriated gal pal, Ninjette, pursues a drunken and ultimately disastrous mission to acquire Empowered some respect—by force if necessary! All this, plus crossword-obsessed goons, speech-impaired superbeasts, Ninjas Gone Wild, and even a few self-help hints from nigh-omnipotent cosmic overlords! You know, the usual.

• "One of the most laugh-out-loud-funny works I've read in years."—Rob Vollmar, Comics Worth Reading

• "Stellar art, great character work, a sense of humor—Empowered has it all."—Newsarama

• "Empowered is Adam Warren's best work yet—it's naughty but sweet, and REALLY funny, and the characters are just immensely appealing and likeable. Terrific, terrific stuff."—Bruce Timm, producer of Batman: The Animated Series

• For mature readers.

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Adam Warren
Release date: April 20, 2011
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Series: Empowered
Pages: 209
Ages: 16+

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Adam Warren
Dark Horse Comics
Action/Adventure, Humor, Superhero
Release date:
April 20, 2011

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